When the Church is more than a collection of saints

The Pope’s visit to a Catholic diocese in northern France, the second in the week, was met with mixed reviews by Catholics.

A video of the Pope speaking at the Mass of the Most Holy Rosary on Sunday showed him welcoming parishioners, kissing them on the lips and placing them on his right arm.

However, his speech was largely ignored by the crowd, with some locals expressing their dissatisfaction with his actions.

“He just left them behind,” said a local, as others said the Pope had no right to enter the church.

“We can’t see the Pope.

We can’t touch him,” said another.

“I don’t understand why he has to be in our churches.”

A number of parishioner’s voiced their frustration over the Pope’s behaviour, saying he should be more respectful towards Catholics and should not be making any statements about the Catholic faith.

“When he came here, I felt ashamed,” said one local.

“What’s he supposed to do?

Make a statement?

We don’t even have a pope, and he’s coming here to talk to us,” said the parishione, referring to Pope Francis’ recent visit to the region.

“The Pope has done nothing, we’re still here,” said Franciscan priest, Father Andre Vignoli, as he stood outside the Diocese of Gaspé, which is located about 80km (50 miles) north of Paris.

“This pope is not a human being, he’s a priest.

He’s here to serve the church.”

Another parishioning priest, Monsignor Emmanuel, also felt the Pope was not being “very respectful”.

“He’s here for his own benefit,” Monsignant Emmanuel said.

“It’s a good sign for the church to show respect to the Pope and his message, because the church is in the middle of a crisis,” he added.

“But he shouldn’t make any statements.”‘

They’re not here to celebrate’ Despite the criticism, the Pope did not give a statement to reporters during his visit.

He instead met with the priest, parishionery and religious workers, and invited them to join him at the Rosary Mass.

The Pope has visited several dioceses in the region before, including the Diocesan of Bordeaux, the Catholic Church of Paris and the Catholic Society of Saint Peter.

“There’s no question about the sincerity of the people who want to come,” said Father Andre.

“They are here to worship, they’re not there to celebrate,” he said.

Pope Francis has faced criticism in the past for his comments about migrants, with the former Pope Francis saying he would not let the migrants cross the border.

“If you take the migrants, they don’t come to live in your country, they come to the city, they stay here,” he was quoted as saying in 2013.

The Catholic Church is a diverse group of people from different religions and races, and its membership has doubled in the last 20 years, according to the US Census Bureau.

Many of the migrants who cross into France are from North Africa and the Middle East, who have been fleeing poverty and war in their homelands.

“Francis is showing that the Pope is very sincere,” said Francis in his opening remarks.

“For all those who live in the Middle Eastern countries, the migration is the most important issue of our time.”

However, the migrant crisis has been growing in recent years, and the Pope has come under fire for his stance.

On Tuesday, he was criticized for failing to take in migrants from the Middle States, including his own country of Argentina.

In May, the US Congress voted to impose a visa ban on all migrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Syria.

In July, the UN Human Rights Council voted to blacklist Saudi Arabia for human rights abuses, and in September, it approved a new resolution to boycott the Pope for his anti-gay comments.

Francis is currently in Rome for his first major audience as Pope.

“At the end of the day, I have the responsibility to be a pastor, a pastor who speaks out,” Francis said in his address to the faithful on Tuesday.

“And I believe that all those of you who are in this room, who are watching me, who feel the Spirit of the Lord, are listening to me.”

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