Wedding invitations: How to get the most out of the Imperial Invitation

We all have different ideas about what a wedding invitation is.

It can be a simple, handwritten note that invites you to an event, a printed invitation that you can mail in or just a digital version that can be sent to a phone number.

But for some people, it’s more than that, and they need to know how to make their invitations more personal.

A new study from the University of Western Ontario says the best way to get invitations to events that you’ve never attended before is to make them personalized.

“There are lots of ways to make a personalized invitation that will make it really memorable for your guests,” says researcher Andrew Ouellette.

Ouelle and his team used the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter to collect 1,500 invitations for their study.

They created personalized invitations based on names and dates of birth, as well as the name of the event, the day of the week, and the person’s email address.

Then, they created customized invitations using photos of the guest and the date of their wedding.

The result?

Invitations that went out to guests and guests to weddings were almost 100 per cent more memorable.

“We were amazed at how many people actually responded,” says Ouellett.

“It really made our research very interesting.”

The study is published in the journal Appetite.

It was also published in a Canadian newspaper.

Ouedlette says he’s hoping that this kind of research will lead to more personalized invitations.

“You know, people have been really kind of supportive and generous and they’re just giving us their own personal ideas,” he says.

“I think the more people that are creating these personalized invitations, the better off we’re going to be.”

What’s next?

The next step in this study is to look at the types of invitations that people have received on other platforms, and how well they match their preferences.

“Our next step is to ask people how they’ve used their own personalized invitations on other social media sites, so that we can find out how to replicate that on other sites,” says Elizabeth Mackey, who was not involved in the study.

“Then we can try to make more personalized [invitations] with that data.”

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