Why you should never invite Mickey Mouse to your wedding

Welcome to IGN’s wedding invitation guide!

In the days leading up to your big day, we recommend you take some time to think about what kind of invitation you’ll receive.

In this article, we’ve compiled our best suggestions for what to bring, what you should be careful of, and what you’ll probably want to take notes on for future reference.

This is not a “do-it-yourself” guide, so you’re going to have to make some educated guesses on what you’re bringing.

However, you should feel free to call our wedding invitation experts at wedding invitation [email protected] for guidance.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all wedding invitation.

The idea is to come up with something that’s fun and unique to you, but that’s also going to make the event look nice.

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect invitation for your wedding.1.

Know the Bride’s Style1.1 Wedding invitations are designed to be read by everyone, not just the bride.

The bride will look great in a white dress with black trim, but it’s also important that the bride knows what she wants.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure the invitation includes an option for a wedding reception or a formal reception.

If you’re not sure what the wedding party wants, you can ask your guests.2.

Make sure the Guestbook is in Good StandingAt some point during the wedding process, guests are going to want to send the invitations to the guest list.

So what you need to know is that if the guestbook is up-to-date, you’ll get a personalized invitation.

For that reason, you want to ensure that your invitation has a good standing with the guestlist.

If the guestlists are not updated, your invitation will likely get lost.3.

Choose the Wedding Invitation that WorksFor some people, the invitations they’re going for will look familiar.

If that’s the case, you may want to pick a format that’s easy to remember.

In general, guests who want to make a formal invitation to their guests, or to their family, can use the standard invitation format.

However the guest who is more formal, or those guests who have a specific idea for what they want their guests to do will want to create their own format.4.

Make the Invitations Specific to Your GuestlistIf you’re a guest who wants to do something special to a wedding, you will want your invitation to include a description of what you want done.

You can create an outline of what will happen in your wedding, or you can simply leave the description blank.

The guestbook will have an option to choose a different format.

For example, if you’re planning a reception with a reception party, you might want to include an event description that includes details about the event.5.

Choose an Invitation Format that Works for YouAt this point, you’re ready to start writing your wedding invitations.

There are a lot of different formats to choose from.

For a quick start, we highly recommend choosing an invitation that includes the guest’s name and a brief description.

You want to have a clear idea of what the guest is about to do, and then have your guests know what they’re doing.

This way, if they have any questions or questions about what to do with your wedding guests, they can be sure that your invitations are going in the right direction.6.

Set the DatesYou don’t want to rush things with the wedding invitation, but if you need an extra day to set things up, you need something to give your guests a heads up.

So if you want a quick overview of your wedding dates, make sure you include a calendar with the date you’re inviting.

Make it easy for guests to find it.7.

Keep the Guestlist Up-to.dateIf you have guests who will be in your home for an extended period of time, you’d be wise to keep the guest lists up- to-date.

If your guests are staying at a hotel or on a vacation, it’s a good idea to keep an email up-date with them.

If guests are visiting from a different state or city, make it easy to keep them updated with your event dates.

If they have specific ideas about what they’d like to do to their wedding, make them aware of those ideas and make sure that they know how to send your invitations to their attention.8.

Add Your Name to the InvitationAt this time, it might be helpful to add your name to the invitation.

In fact, we think that’s really important.

It’s not uncommon for guests who are guests of the bride to include their name in the guest invitations.

If this is the case for you, make your invitation as detailed as possible.

For instance, if your guests want

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